Mining fee contribution raised


2017. Apr. 29. 06:38

Mining fee contribution raised

We have raised our own contribution to the TXFEE from 0.0006 BTC to 0.001 BTC. This means that even if you choose to add no fee of your own, we still pay 0.001 BTC when you make the withdrawal. And if you choose to target the fastest confirmation with the highest fee option, we still contribute that much to the withdrawal as before, that way you don’t have to pay as high of a mining fee as you normally would.

The fastest confirmation option in the dropdown box is currently 0.00028721 BTC with over 40,000 pending transactions in the mempool.

Also: the sending part of the wallet has been rewritten from scratch for reliability and to fix some bugs (direct wallet transfers no longer require you to have the mining fee available).