Lightning Wallet


2018. Jan. 31. 08:27

Lightning Wallet

Lightning Network payments are now supported on BitBargain.

Pay any invoice using the balance in your BitBargain wallet. Just click the Lightning tab in your wallet and enjoy.

Paying Lightning Network invoices is instant and free. You can make payments as low as 1 satoshi (0.00000001 BTC).

For example, put a shirt in your cart over at

Then go to the checkout section, request to pay:

Copy/paste the invoice from the box at the webshop into your BitBargain Lightning Wallet and click “Open Invoice”. The details will come up.

The feature is highly experimental as LN software is still heavily under development. Lightning deposits will be made possible once the software has matured.

The network looks like this:

“Where can I try it out?”

Note, nodes often disconnect and so these shops and services may be offline sometimes.

A guide to setting up a Lightning node. The second half of the article displays instantly when you make a payment of $0.01 through the Lightning Network.

A minimalistic and easy to use web wallet that can only send and receive via LN. Unfortunately the backend is often down. But when it’s up, it’s a great tool to have.

BlockStream’s proof-of-concept store where you can buy t-shirts and stickers.

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