Is Bitcoin Capital A Good Idea?

source: Bitcoin Insider

2016. Jan. 17. 20:40

Is Bitcoin Capital A Good Idea?

Bitcoin Capital is a fund (registered in Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands) that invests in Bitcoin companies, Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin itself and pays dividends in Bitcoin.

Target GroupIt’s only available to “qualified investors”, but for big investors (net worth >$50m) it’s too small. Their fund is not even close to $10 million in total value.DiversityEvery investor is willing to take risks, but this fund is not only fully exposed to the risks of the cryptocurrency economy it’s also paying dividends in cryptocurrency. Management

Both Keiser and Dixon have been involved in Bitcoin for a long-time, but they are both slow on catching up with the community on recent events. If you have ever watched Keiser’s TV show you already know what kind of person he is: fearmongering about “the collapse of the U.S. dollar”, talking to struggling entrepreneurs and conspiracy theorists. Conclusion

This might be the worst investment vehicle in the history of Bitcoin.