Fork policy


2017. Dec. 11. 13:02

Fork policy BCH / Bitcash: BCH wallet balances credited to sellers active at the time of fork who had at least 0.01 BTC.BTG / Bitgold: BTG is sent to sellers who request it who had at least 0.01 BTC balance at the time of fork. Limit to apply 1/Jan/2018 00:00 UTC.Other / future coins: no longer credited or sent.

If you need coins from any future forks, please make sure to withdraw your BTC (or other coin) in time. Remember, you are not supposed to store coins on BitBargain in the first place unless you are planning to sell them within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to use any coins created from the fork as we see fit (not touching it, selling it and crediting BTC, distributing to users in part or in full or not at all, charity or anything else).