Crypto Trading Community


2020. Dec. 22. 01:41

Crypto Trading Community

A beta version of our crypto trading community is now open. There is no registration: if you are signed in to your BitBargain account, simply visit and you will be able to chat in the #crypto-chat, #support and #trading channels. Everybody’s username matches their BitBargain username, only traders can open private chats with you.

Reasons to stick around:

It’s a safe meeting place for over 100,000 BitBargain crypto usersYou may get a better price here than the exchanges or marketplacesThere is no trading fee, it’s all self-serve, all over the counterThere is already a network of trust built up that you can verify and rely onDiscuss news, events related to bitcoin, ethereum and altcoinsLearn about new ways to buy and sell cryptoLearn about wallets and securityShare your experience in investments and services, hear from othersIt’s good to have a fallback when platforms are being closed down or enforce strict rulesRewards are given to traders actively using the platform to exchange assetsSometimes we will do airdrops and other lucrative surprises

The only thing we ask is that you refrain from dragging users away from the community to external platforms as we are in the process of building it up. Trading should be done in private chats, without pushing your trading partner to leave the platform. However, you can request an introduction to your crypto trading website. If it’s worthy, we will be happy to add it to the list of suggestions in the #support chat. We expect that most users will prefer to conduct trades on a new web platform and will try out the suggested links. But we hope some sellers and buyers will keep trading going.

Try it out here: