Cloud Sell


2018. Jan. 14. 01:22

Cloud Sell

We are proud to present a new feature on BitBargain which has been requested numerous times especially in the last few months.

Becoming a regular seller on BitBargain takes time and effort.

It requires studying the seller howto and passing the seller test. It requires understanding of the price formula. It requires great communication skills. It requires devoting time and effort to stay online and wait for buyers to show up. Sellers are expected to keep checking their bank statement and mark the payment as soon as possible. Being a seller is not for everyone.

Still, many buyers are interested in easy ways to convert back some of their crypto-currency into fiat money.

This is where Cloud Sell comes into play. With Cloud Sell you can sell your bitcoins for GBP via bank transfer easily. Just enter the amount, choose your markup (from -10% to 0% currently) and we will make sure that sellers are aware of your offer. The quickest seller gets to pick up your coins. Just create an offer, lay back and the money will come to you. By limiting the maximum unit price to 0% above market, we encourage shorter waiting times.

Not all sellers can buy your coins: larger offers are only available to the more trusted and still currently active sellers (they can pick up the 1% of their 60 days volume).

The feature requires that you have a verified bank account. Cloud Sell currently supports: BTC, LTC and BCH.

The fee is 0.5% and you only pay it if your coins are picked up. You can cancel your offers at any time.

Sell your bitcoins for GBP with ease at