Closure schedule


2020. Dec. 01. 04:30

Closure schedule

You may have seen the notice: BitBargain will cease operations and close by 2021. This post is a quick summary of dates you need to know about if you have funds stored or intend to use BitBargain for as long as possible.

A further post will follow, explaining the closure, regulatory changes in the UK and how to proceed in the next year.

The dates are:

Dec. 1 – A notification is posted on the site to remind users about the closure and that funds should be removed (an email will also be sent to those who store money on BitBargain)Dec. 24 – BitBargain’s 8th birthdayDec. 25 – Last day of tradingDec. 26 – Trading, deposits stopped, withdrawals still workJan. 9 – Ability to withdraw ceases